Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Next Challenge Grant!

The trip was completed, there are changed of plans and route because of tropical depressions & typhoon in Philippines but the bikepacking trip was pretty amazing! A group of cycling advocate called the FIREFLY BRIGADE contacted me in the first week of October 2018, and they will be having the 1st Salubungan Bicycle Ride: The Tour of The Fireflies.

The bicycle tour will starts From Baguio City Philippines up to Davao City, with 1800 kilometer distance. They arrive here in Naga City last November 20, 2018. I suggested to them that we will going to guide their trip from Naga City to Legazpi City as bike marshals. The trip from Naga City to Legazpi City is 100 kilometer. The trip runs well, flats tires are normal for cycling tours. When we touched down in Legazpi, some cycling friends welcomes us. We talked about their advocacies, i also shared my thoughts and advocacies here in Naga City. 

We stayed at Sampaguita Tourist Inn, A hotel in Legazpi City. The trip was amazing! The flat tires, rains, colds and stomach aches is a hell of a challenge but the most important thing is we meet new friends, shared stories and adventures. Thank you tim!

 PLEASE VISIT: https://thenextchallenge.org 

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