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Monday, October 12, 2020

Project Takatak!

We will be launching the “PROJECT TAKATAK” One of our Mutual-Aid initiative project for no-income residents & beggars in Naga City. We will be giving “free” Takatak box with assorted candies & goodies for beneficiaries so they can start earning with “dignity”. This project is supported by generous friends, local organizations & small businesses who are believing in the spirit of solidarity.
In line with this we are encouraging you to support our humble and significant cause. You can "Donate" the following materials below: * 2 piece (½ Marine Plywood) * White, Black, Yellow, Green, Red, Blue (Enamel) Paints * Assorted Candies for Takatak Or "Donate" via our Gcash: 0926 868 8075
#mutual_aid #project_takatak

Wednesday, November 20, 2019


"Action is worth more than a thousand words"
"SOLIDARITY FOR THE ELDERLY" (Food Sharing X Acoustic Gig X Free Haircut) December 7, 1PM Saturday 2019 @ Plaza Quince Martires Naga City!
In partnership with OWTU Barber Shop, Rakista ng Bicol & Friends!
*We will be collecting the basic hygiene kit below:
1.) Face towel (Good morning towel)
2.) Tooth brush
3.) Tooth paste
4.) Soap
5.) Comb
6.) Alcohol
7.) Cotton buds



  "We have a world of pleasure to win,      and nothing to lose but boredom."
   -Raoul Vaneigem

We are inviting local & foreign artists, painters, musicians, comics artist, writers, graphic artists, designers, print makers, poets, photographers in our event this coming November 9 & 10 @ IBALON CRAFT BREW, Magsaysay avenue Naga City Philippines!
*There will be Books/Comics/Pamphlets/Zines/Musical Performances/Open-Mic/Short Film/Art Exhibition!
November 9, Saturday
6pm---Opening of Art exhibit
6:30pm---Introduce participating artists
7pm---Bookfair/ Open forum
8pm onwards---Music, open-mic, socials
November 10, Sunday
5pm---Art exhibition/ Book/Comics/Pamphlets/Zine fair
8pm onwards---Music/Open-mic/Socials/Film screening
(Participating artists, musicians & writers):
Dave Hidalgo- Naga City
Renz Caras- Naga City
Red Patricio- Cam Norte
Jusan Misolas- Del Rosario
Joy Bagasala- Naga City
Andrew Culp- California
Rafael Panganiban- San Fernando
Neil Jordan NJerusalem- Albay
Maley De Real- Legazpi City
Mary Imm Loneza- Legazpi City
Aila Mae Nacion- Legazpi City
Roche Anne Arevalo- Legazpi City
Joan Christy Delariarte- Legazpi City
Mark Angelo Pimentel Aguilar- Naga City
Dan Javela- Cam Norte
Beam Gumalay- Ocampo
Marc Nunuy- Naga City
Leo M. Caballero- Nabua
& many more!

Monday, March 18, 2019

We are inviting professional & amateur ARTISTS & PHOTOGRAPHER in "EROTICA: Nude Sketching & Photography Session." The event will be held this coming April 6 & 7 in Naga City Cam Sur Philippines! The exact venue will be announced to all registered participants only!

*Day 1 Morning session (NUDE SKETCHING): 9am to 10:30am/
30 minutes /break/
11am to 12:30pm
*Day 1 Afternoon session (PHOTOGRAPHY)
2pm to 3pm
*Day 2 Morning session (NUDE SKETCHING): 9am to 10:30am/
30 minutes /break/
11am to 12:30pm
*Day 2 Afternoon session (PHOTOGRAPHY)
2pm to 3pm
*20 limited slots for NUDE SKETCHING SESSION!
*20 limited slots for PHOTOGRAPHY SESSION!
*Registration fee: Php500
*Just fill up & download the registration form

Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Wolves & The Giant Pine Trees; A Childrens Book Written & Illustrated by Noel Regachuelo

The Wolves and the Giant Pine Trees
A review by seaweed

When my children were young, we struggled to find them reading material that we agreed with. While finding stories with beautiful illustrations wasn’t difficult, unfortunately the same couldn’t be said for the texts. They all seemed to rely on predictable stereotypes and narratives intended to encourage conformity to the dominant belief systems. Evil witches with asymmetrical facial features and, god forbid, moles on their noses, trolls dragging their oversized feet, pretty princesses, handsome princes. Yay aristocracies! Yay equating blemishes and disabilities with villainy!
One of my friends, faced with this reality, went so far as to go through all of her kid’s books with white-out and erased whatever she considered offensive and problematic. She replaced the words with her own, creating stories that reflected her ecologically minded and feminist outlook. DIY and direct action combined!
The fact is there aren’t very many children’s books written by and for the anarchic parent and child. So I was really pleased when I received a copy of “The Wolves and the Giant Pine Trees”, a wonderful children’s book from Noel Regachuelo.
This is the story of a small village, The Village of No Fear, peacefully going about its daily routines while forgetting its reliance on the local forest for the materials that give it its crafts and building materials and firewood until there is a crisis. It is disarming in its simplicity, yet contains a depth that makes it a fable for modern times: the angry wolves will want to reckon with us if we don’t use our shared habitats wisely.
The story is exciting and moves along swiftly, reflecting the authors natural storytelling abilities.
The colorful illustrations, also by the author, are dreamy and minimalist in the best child-friendly sense with a spontaneity that makes me feel like I have just watched the illustrator paint them.
Noel Regachuelo is a father and anarchist eco-activist born and raised in the Philippines. He maintains the Greenhouse info shop project. He is a cyclist, artist and community organizer.
Also, please support fundraising efforts for the Greenhouse info shop project. you can donate on this paypal account: (


Tuesday, February 5, 2019

The Next Challenge Grant!

The trip was completed, there are changed of plans and route because of tropical depressions & typhoon in Philippines but the bikepacking trip was pretty amazing! A group of cycling advocate called the FIREFLY BRIGADE contacted me in the first week of October 2018, and they will be having the 1st Salubungan Bicycle Ride: The Tour of The Fireflies.

The bicycle tour will starts From Baguio City Philippines up to Davao City, with 1800 kilometer distance. They arrive here in Naga City last November 20, 2018. I suggested to them that we will going to guide their trip from Naga City to Legazpi City as bike marshals. The trip from Naga City to Legazpi City is 100 kilometer. The trip runs well, flats tires are normal for cycling tours. When we touched down in Legazpi, some cycling friends welcomes us. We talked about their advocacies, i also shared my thoughts and advocacies here in Naga City. 

We stayed at Sampaguita Tourist Inn, A hotel in Legazpi City. The trip was amazing! The flat tires, rains, colds and stomach aches is a hell of a challenge but the most important thing is we meet new friends, shared stories and adventures. Thank you tim!