Monday, April 21, 2014

Pollinating Projects

Noel Regachuelo’s vision is to turn something ordinary — an electric motorbike — into something extraordinary and needed in his community of Naga City, Philippines. Noel wants to transform the bike into a mobile soup kitchen, where volunteers would dole out hot vegan food and fight hunger and poverty in the city.
Besides starting Food Not Bombs in Naga, Noel also started his own Autonomous Space called the Greenhouse Infoshop Project, where he organizes many projects like gardening, film screening, art exhibits and independent library to promote community cooperation and self-reliance, rather than reliance on the government.
After the mobile soup kitchen is built, Noel plans to launch the “Mobile Soup Kitchen Solidarity Tour” around Naga City.
“The Mobile Soup Kitchen Project can be very effective promoting ideas and actions like Food Not Bombs, community gardening, book readings, book drive, alternative energy like solar and promoting vegan to end pain and suffering of animals,” he said.

The funds from The Pollination Project will be used to outfit the motorbike with solar panels and other parts, as well as purchase other supplies.