Saturday, January 25, 2014

“Art, Atheism and Anarchism: A Poetic Convergence of Science of Civic Humanity”

Greenhouse Infoshop Project  is  a grassroots autonomous initiative promoting sustainable community relation through Workshops, Art Exhibits, Film Screening, Food sharing and other causes for social and ecological dynamic transformation following the principles of Direct-Action, Mutual-Aid, Voluntary Cooperation, Free Association and Non-Hierarchical relation.

Event Outline:

“Art, Atheism and Anarchism: A Poetic Convergence of Science of Civic Humanity”
February 21-22 @ Mudbugs Bar n' Cafe, Penafrancia Avenue Naga City

This philosophical and political gathering is an attempt to reevaluate the importance and relations of Art, Atheism and Anarchy as an alternative to the present societal crises. With the rise of religious fundamentalism, representative electoral politics, authoritarianism, expansion of techno-industrial capitalism and widespread ecological destruction; social relationship becomes more and more alienated and the web of life are increasingly marching towards extinction. As critical thinkers and practitioners of anti-authoritarian disposition, the responsibility is always there.

In line with this we are inviting you to contribute in our humble event, *(a short video presentation) is required, for the reason we cannot be able to have a face to face communication due to our different locations and time zones. You can discuss any topic concerning Art, Atheism and Anarchy following the theme above.

*you can upload your video presentation on the link below: /    Username:
                                       Password:  nietzscheregachuelo

*we will give you updates for the activity program