Wednesday, September 30, 2015

FOOD NOT BOMBS (because food is a right not a privilege)

(because food is a right and not a privilege)
-Girle Gaile Prado
Over the weekend, I had the chance to get involved and personally witness the actual operation of Food Not Bombs at Plaza Rizal in Naga City, through the invitation of my friend Noel Regachuelo. The project caught my attention a few months ago because of its advocacy and the process by which it services its beneficiaries.
Although primarily FNB addresses the issue on hunger, the food program usually coincides with a film showing and the distribution of literary materials, therefore not only feeding the body but likewise nourishing the soul and the mind, in the hope to raise awareness for social transformation.
I know that most people do not agree with the dole out system of assistance to the less fortunate members of the society, as it is considered to be a temporary relief for a persistent problem on poverty, and promotes a culture of dependency and complacency. However, there is far more beyond giving a cup of soup and a piece of bread to a hungry child to survive another night of miserable lack.
The more significant part of FNB I believe, is its call for action upon those who can share their time, energy and resources to at least make a difference even in a single life. Here is an opportunity to inspire people to look outside of themselves, and live their lives for the greater good. The more people become aware of their higher purpose, the more we can ensure the perpetuation of life on this planet.
Given this, it is worth mentioning that the food being served in the program would usually come from donations from the market vendors, who opt to give out some of their products, rather than letting them go bad or get wasted in the shelves.
Like Noel, I share the same thought that there is no scarcity of food in the world but only that they are held by very few hands. Part of the vision of FNB therefore, is for food resources to find their way to more people, because it is a basic human right, not a privilege.
May this be an encouragement to everyone not only to support FNB, but all other endeavors seeking to make this a better world for all forms of life.
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