Sunday, October 4, 2015

FNB Report: October 3, 2015

Last night was a crazy gig, kids are dancing like hell on the stage. the sound of the hardcore bands was monotonous, tug tug tugudugdug!, (the mist reminds me of stephen king movie) weird. There are bands from Laguna and also from Naga. Some nasty drunk girls throw bottles in the streets, police arrived, but no arrest happen. Funny. We have beers, soup & sandwiches in the entrance of the venue. Matt is drunk like hell, Alfie was drunk too, tired and decided to go home. I was talking with bunch of drunk friends( paolo banares with local punk band the class). Kids passed by with empty beer on their hands. Beautiful girls roaming around like there's a pageant. I decided to go home with the silly electric bike with a side car (FNB mobile soup kitchen). It was a cold trip, thankfully pao lend me his amazing jacket. Going home to pacol while raining was a bad thing. Home at last with wet shorts and a headache. The night was chaotic yet fun and funny.