Tuesday, February 11, 2014

"Art, Atheism & Anarchy"

 Featuring Bands: 100 VICTIMS (Hardcore Punk), OPPOZITION (Crossover Thrash), CEREBRAL PUTRIDITY (Gore Metal)

"Art, Atheism & Anarchy: A Poetic Convergence of Science of Civic Humanity" February 23, Sunday 5pm-10pm @ Naga City Youth Center (Civic Center)

* The event is the second of its kind in Naga City. It is a venue for art, poetry, music, film screening and exchange of ideas that focuses on secular humanism and anarchism. With its theme, "A poetic convergence of science of civic humanity" the organizers of the event envision that free thought and will be encouraged as embodied in atheist and anarchist ideas and practice.

*With discussions, Art Exhibits, Film Screenings, Open-mic poetry and Music
*Updates of the complete program activity will follow
*Open for Participants: writers, artists, poets, atheists, anarchist and everyone.
*Overnyt Camping (Bring your own tents)

For more information contact this no.
Noel<09056434562> Homar<09164102657>