Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Experimental Utopia

The Experimental utopia is a radical ecological food garden, a space which urban gardening and permaculture merge.  As an anarchist i dream of a world without capitalism, state, religion and forms  of domination, a world that is freer and egalitarian, some may call it utopia, some think it is not possible. Many opposes the idea of "free" because they want to profit more and become the next rockefeller, dominate and become powerful. The world economy is controlled by few greedy maniacs as we know it (Banks,IMF,The World Bank and a bunch of politicians etc.)  the majority of people is trapped in the logic of work, wage slave with consent, a sad miserable condition of the capitalist structure. While the majority of people are toiling for "work", we are building anarchist projects and Resistance!.

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