Saturday, December 28, 2013

Greenhouse Infoshop needs Books and Radical Literature's

Greenhouse Infoshop needs new reading materials particularly radical anti-authoritarian literature's for the library, here's the following reading materials that we needed:

* Recipes for Disaster (An Anarchist Cookbook) Crimethinc
* Contradictionary Crimethinc
Work Crimethinc
* Rolling Thunder all issues Crimethinc
* Demanding the Impossible/ the history of anarchism Peter Marshall
* Books about Bicycle Repairs, DIY manuals
 * Zines (Anarcha-Feminism, Prisoner Support, Green Anarchism,               Mental health)
                             We need your Help and Support!
                                          In Solidarity (A)

                                                                        Mailing Address:
                                                            Green House Infoshop Project 
    Blk. 7 Lt. 13, Gladiola St., Grandview Heights
  Subd., Pacol Naga City Philippines 4400
  472-00-78 / +639056434562

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