Sunday, September 20, 2015

Memoir of Memes: Anarchist Book Project

There are millions of memes in the internet but there are few significant memes that are worth collecting. My book project "Memoir of memes" is a collection of dissident memes in the internet. Civil unrest, demonstration, revolution, graffiti, revolts are some topics of the book, i think it is important to have an archive of memes thru a book. Since "meme" is an idea, behaviour, style or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture, meme is the mirror of our generation, it reflects the situation of our culture, politics, art and everyday life.
I hope you can help me promote my book project to other people and raise the publishing expenses. The goal fund of the project is $1000 or 46,535 in Philippine Peso. The amount will be used for production costs for publishing, printing and promotion. I will also send some PDF format of the book for anyone who will donate, if had an opportunity i can also send you a physical copy of the book. If i didn't meet the goal of fund, ill try to self publish it like a fanzine.
Since is its a collection of memes, is also for entertainment and educational purposes. its also an assemblage of ideas, philosophies, aphorism, photos, drawings, graphics, illustrations, statements, etc.. I think it is an important book project because it will give us new information, perspective and ideas. The book is also COPYLEFT. Ill be giving a free copy of the book to those who helped me and supported my endeavors. 
Here is the link if you want to support: