Monday, January 13, 2014

Anarchist Sci-fi Comics

Noel Cervantez and Dennis Gonzaga
Four magnates play Big Brother in a future Philippines: Dr. Danilo, head of a hypermedia franchise; Sophia, head of finance, Ixion, artificial intelligence and all -seeing eye responsible for data analysis; Dr. Hugo, Head of the Institutional Morality Police.
FHM's take: 1984-ish. The narrative is clean; the art, sinister. The use of mixed media in some panels also gives a fresh spin to your average DIY comics.

Noel Cervantez and Red Patricio
A cockroach and a rat plo through waste-rideen lands to make it to Basuratopia, a paradise for pests who have survived the apocalypse. Ergo, it's a future where humans have obliterated themselves from the face of the planet and only animals remain. Villainous bulate's(worm), a fabled island of cheese, and a mutated askal are all part of the brave new world.
FHM's take: This odd-couple/buddy story plays out like a road trip gone haywire. The tongue-in-cheek way the world ends is breather from the-
usual doom and gloom (although humans are still to blame).

Written by Anton D. Umali
Photography by Paul Mondok